Friday, August 19, 2011

Resolution Failure

Obviously I have not lived up to my resolution to blog more often.  I believe my last post was in March?  I have been very busy lately..... getting my first book deal :)  with a new local publisher.  The book should be out in Fall 2011, so this will be a short post since I should be painting right now!  Hopefully this is just the start of many book deals to come.......a girl can dream!  I finally did order my postcards and they turned out HORRIBLE!  Instead of color everything was gray, they were promptly returned and I have to start over with a new company once I am done the book. 

I just signed up for a writing class at The Loft, which starts in September.  I've never taken a writing class before so I'm thinking I should bring a book bag with lots of books and wear my glasses, so it LOOKS like I know what I'm doing. Too much?

I better get back to work......I actually have a deadline to meet!!!