Thursday, March 22, 2012

Left Feeling Hungry?

Let me start by saying that I LOVED the Hunger Games series. Everyone I am related to, work with, follow on Twitter or even pass on the street are talking about the release of the movie. While I am caught up in the hype, I am secretly dreading seeing the film.

I am tired of going to movies, after reading the book, only to be disappointed and out ten dollars. Movies made from wildly popular novels, owe it to all of us loyal readers to follow the story lines, cast believable actors, and pick up the little nuances in the writers "voice" that made the book special. If Hollywood is listening, pay attention to what I have to say next.

Just like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" we are a sure thing! We are already fans of the story, we are all going to see the movie. We don't need Reece Witherspoon straddling an elephant to get us in the door. All we are asking is that you stop trying to make everything into a Blockbuster hit. Please don't dumb down the storyline to draw a few more customers. The paying customers that are going to make or break you, are the readers that you so easily toss aside for some big Hollywood starlet that has been dreaming and working her whole life of 21 years for this part to come along.

So as a loyal "Hunger Games" reader, I will spend my ten dollars and go see the movie. But tonight, I am going to spend some time with the characters in my head, imagine them walking through the woods, and I will be listening to Katniss' arrows fly through the air and her sweet tender voice sing to the Mockingjays.

When I do see the movie, I pray that a big Hollywood actress with her hair dyed brown and braided, really does make a great Katniss and the cornucopia is as cool on screen as it is in my head.

I hope I we are not left feeling as hungry as the residents of District 12. Maybe I should get the jumbo popcorn just in case.