Friday, December 30, 2011

Growing List of Resolutions

     Okay, I hope everyone suffers from the same issue....the ever growing list of resolutions!  With only the best of intentions, every year I make my list.  Year, after year, after year, after year.  For some strange reason, they never seem to come off that list.  My list just continues to grow.  To be fair, I do manage to cross off a few minor things, which I think subconsciously I put on my list so I can actually cross something off and not feel like a total loser.  This year I am taking a different route! 

My list can have a maximum of 5 things on it.

They must be specific and obtainable (realistically!).

They can't all be about me- I know I need the work, friends don't give up on me yet, but I figure I better start paying something back.  Giving birth and providing the world with 2 amazing human beings, doesn't have the same level of amazingness with the general population as the grandparents told me it would.  My husband doesn't even buy the "I gave birth to your children" line anymore.  I have been using it for twenty plus years, I guess I can see his point.  If my girls are reading this.....You are AMAZING! You make the world a better place!

My list cannot contain any item that has been on a previous list.  That doesn't mean I don't need to lose weight.  I'm just not going to announce my pending starvation and grouchy moods to everyone.  I will just spring it on you when you least expect it :)

Finally, if I don't fulfill all of the resolutions on "THE LIST OF 2012 RESOLUTIONS," (in my head that actually sounds really cool)  I owe my husband a hundred bucks.  My husband and I are super competitive when it comes to meaningless wagers that we never ever enforce payment of, except when he loses and then I expect payment in full.

(Again, if you could only hear it!)

 1.  Read at least 5 novels

2.  Do 1 silly/ridiculous thing a week- Sunday nights could get interesting!!

3.  Do someone a favor at least once a month (I cannot benefit from this favor in any way, other than it makes me feel awesome to do something nice for someone)

4.  Write at least 1 random sentence EVERY DAY! (cannot be work related, but can be used as inspiration for a future work related item)

5.  Enter AT LEAST 2 writing and/or illustration contests.

I will update you on my progress! (Unless I completely fail and then we will all pretend this never happened)

hAPpY NeW yEAr!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Chaos

I love the holidays. It's one of the few times we all get together in the same place at the same time.
Most families grow with new babies but ours seems to grow with more dogs. Right now, I am sitting in the living room sharing the sofa with 2 dogs while 3 additional dogs lay at my feet. I haven't even mentioned the 3 cats that seem to only come out at night when all the puppies are passed out after several hours of wrestling, barking (lots of barking), drinking, eating and begging, only to be followed by more wrestling.
So far they have unwrapped 3 presents, knocked over the tree, ate my earbuds, put a hole in my duvet cover (while wrestling of course) and the youngest, smallest one has figured out how to get on my drawing table, even with the chair pushed in! So far I am missing a knead eraser, 2 pencils and I had to chase her for 10 minutes to get my white eraser back. I suppose I should google the toxicity of knead erasers, but it's been several hours and she seems no worse for wear.
Silver one has mistaken the Christmas tree for a warmer, more convenient place to expel the gallons of water consumed. They get very thirsty after all that wrestling of course!
Oh, did I mention we are adding 20-30 people to the mix on Christmas eve?


Friday, December 16, 2011

Tomi dePaolo Contest/Award

I used pastels instead of my normal inks.....not sure about the result. I struggled with my color palette, I think I like being able to make any color I want with inks. Next illustration I'm going to use acrylics! I like to mix it up just to make life more interesting!