Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Art of Isolation

     This weekend is the MN SCBWI Conference!  I'm very excited to go and socialize with my "art" friends.  Being an artist a very lonely job and writing is even more isolating.
     To counteract my isolation, I often "think" out loud or "talk" to my pets.  My dog Mikko and I have had some excellent conversations!  My verbal interpretation of dog body language is probably less than scientific, but I tend to live in a make believe world, where animals speak, frogs ride bicycles and cows are criminals.
     I am sure my husband is planning my eventual breakdown, where I lose total sight of reality and actually start living in the worlds I create.  I think he has been saving up money, kind of like a college fund.  What he doesn't know is, sometimes, I worry about his sense of reality.

This is an actual conversation we had the other night:

Me: "How do you like my drawing"
Him: "Your plane isn't drawn accurately"
Me: "I didn't like the way it looked, so I took parts off"
Him:  "How is it going to fly with part of the tail missing"
Me: "That's what concerns you about this illustration?"

     I'll admit, I have lost track of the time looking at the clouds and I  actually do talk to myself.  Trying to keep it "normal" in public places is really challenging the older I get. Last week, I was in the store, when I noticed a woman looking at me, slightly frightened.  I had been talking to myself again.  To make myself appear normal, I pretended I was actually speaking/singing a song, so I added a melody to my "conversation" that was less embarrassing/weird?

     Just remember, as I sink deeper into my own hand drawn world, my goal is to pull you in with me.....Wwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha.