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 Heading To the Marvelous Midwest! More specifically, I will be in Davenport, Iowa for the Marvelous Midwest Conference April 12-14th! I haven't been to an in-person conference in a very long time. It still amazes me the effect Covid had on every aspect of my life, from working in an emergency room, to writing and illustrating children's books. Book conferences came to a screeching halt in 2020 and it has been more difficult to connect with other writers and illustrators because of it. My very first conference was in 2012 at the SCBWI Annual Conference in LA. Apparently, I decided to jump into conferences headfirst. It was a bit overwhelming for a first conference, but I met some great people, and we are still friends to this day! Shout out to Carolyn, Laura-Susan, Akiko and Sheli, the OG of conference buddies.  It has been a long road since LA 2012, where I thought I would show up and be "discovered" immediately. Oh, the things I could tell my naive little self now t

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