Monday, February 8, 2016

New York, New York

     Ready or not, NY here I come. Anxiety, stress and stomach cramps should set in sometime Wednesday. Leaving the comfort of my studio and the company of my dog for the Big City is a bit daunting. I've been to enough conferences to know that I'm not going to land a six figure, four book deal or sign with my dream agent. I am looking forward to meeting a few Facebook friends in person, connecting with my online critique group members, and soaking up some knowledge from  all those smart, talented  SCBWI people.

If you see me standing in a corner biting my nails, come say "Hello", I promise I won't pitch my YA novel or any PB Manuscripts. I frown on stalking editors, I don't talk in elevators unless necessary and nothing will be shared in a bathroom (so unsanitary).

See you in New York!

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