Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Post!

Yea! Blog is up and running!

I am currently constructing my UGH!!! My computer is still in one piece and I have not cried today. So now that I am moving in a positive direction....My website will be available to all, sometime this year.

I told my daughter who "likes" doing this kind of thing, to start a business via the web for people who think they can do it themselves and when they reach that moment of ultimate frustration at 3:00am and can't figure out how they pressed one button and erased 20 hours of work, when they were just trying to delete the same icon for 45 minutes and couldn't figure that out, she could pop in as a web design fairy to save us all. At about the time you are just ready to pick up your laptop and "accidentally" slam it to the ground, her business ad would pop up in your screen, asking if you need any help. Just enter your credit card number and for a nominal fee she can lower your blood pressure, save you from eating an additional 1500 calories, get to bed before the sun comes up AND actually restore the work you managed to erase. Of course for optimal money making, she would have to be available from 2:00-5:00 am; prime frustration time and usually about the time you accidentally press something you shouldn't because you are a little punchy after finishing your third Diet Mountain Dew in 2 hours.

Of course she is not willing to help me because "I gave you life" is not incentive enough to deal with your mother when she is frustrated. Now if I could just teach my dog Html I would have it made. Til next time....

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