Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Studio

Thanks to my AMAZING husband, I now have a new studio!  He completely transformed the loft in our family room in 1 week. Now instead of being trapped in the secluded extra room/storage space away from people....light....life, now I am part of the family again.  A few very small finishing touches still need to be completed, but it is a HUGE step up from my previous space. 

I swear every time we start a remodeling project we would be $10k richer if we just had a camera rolling the entire time (America's Funniest Home Video's).  I'm not sure if hauling the cabinets over the railing from below with a rope, a ladder and the two of us would win, but trust me, it was quite comical.  Spiral stairs always look cool, but are not conducive to hauling things (especially heavy items) up and down.  Damn form over function!  The artist in me just "had to have" spiral stairs, they were artistic, interesting, unusual and surprisingly not that expensive.  I was much younger then and didn't realize will be spending a large portion of my life going in circles and I certainly didn't need to do it everytime I needed to change levels.

I can't wait to get working!  I am feeling more creative already.  Thanks Hunny!!
Enjoy the before and after pics :)

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Christina Rodriguez said...

Wow! Your new space looks wonderful! Congrats to you and your husband for surviving the renovation. Do they still make episodes for America's Funniest Home Videos?