Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Retirement

So my last post was October 10th... Oops :) Needless to say I was illustrating my third book with Keen Editions! "The Cat's Meow" will be out sometime in April!!

I often hear "I can't believe you don't illustrate full time". As any illustrator will tell you, three books in two years is a full time job, I just happen to have two additional "day jobs". Unfortunately the things that suffer from my crazy schedule are self promotion, marketing, blogging, sleeping and anything to do with friends. Did I mention I have the best friends in the world that allow me to disappear months at a time?

Most people dream of the day they can retire. I dream of the day when I can spend all my time illustrating, writing, blogging, networking and catching up on years of lost sleep! And hanging out with friends!! I actually have a date circled on the calendar, September 1st, 2014. By then, my girls should be graduated from college and it even gives them a few months to find a job...generous I know :)

So on September 1st, 2014 no calls please (unless you are a publisher, editor or agent and decided you love my work and can't live another day without signing me) I will be retired... for the day. Catching up on years of lost sleep, dreaming about my next book, one I write AND illustrate (hey, a girl can dream!). Just imagine how excited I will be if my phone does ring!

Until then, my posts will be sporadic and my networking, socializing and sleep limited. But seriously, what a great problem to have in today's world!

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MS said...

Come and visit CA in Oct 2014!