Friday, August 30, 2013

The Super Spectacular Summer Of 2013

By title you can tell this has been a great summer for this writer/artist!

I did not sell a book.
I did not illustrate a book.
I did not sign an agent.

I know most of you are thinking I'm crazy and my friends and family have photographic evidence to support that theory.  BUT... Here is how it all began...

May 2013

I received the best rejection letter ever! I don't want to drop any names (Steven Malk) but, he actually said the children's book world needs more people like me! I know you think I'm making that up, so I framed it and hung it on my studio wall. Actually it is currently very carefully packed in a box because we are moving!

After 22 years we have decided to move back to the city and exchange horses for people. The official move is two weeks from today! It's been interesting selling, buying, sold, not sold, closing, not closing, closing back on...ugh! Not for the wimpy!! So crazy I should write a book. Which takes me to June!

June/July  2013

I applied and was accepted into the advanced writing class by Lynne Jonell! It was the most amazing class ever! Lynne gave such great insight and feedback and really knows how to pinpoint what is wrong with your story. The most helpful writing class I have ever taken. I met so many talented writers and hopefully we stay in contact like we promised :)

August 2013

I started out with a bang by attending the LA SCBWI Conference where...

I got to meet Steven Malk in person! Too star struck to take a picture, you are just going to have to believe me. I learned so much during the conference and the intensives I still haven't processed everything. 

I had a great writing critique from the fabulous Danielle Smith at Forword Literary. After I stopped sweating and shaking from nerves and reviewed what she said, I had an epiphany...or a stroke. But I'm going with epiphany! I rewrote my PB manuscript and it is A-Maze-Ing! What a difference a few words make. I am so excited to work on it again. 

I attended breakout sessions with David Weisner, Leeza Hernandez and Laurent Linn, Steven Malk. The keynote speakers were outstanding!!

Today I begin a conference at Light Grey Art Lab with Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying. When the opportunity popped up on Light Grey's Facebook page, I literally ran to get my credit card to sign up. I am so excited to meet a new group of creative people and soak up tons of information from Mike and Victoria and everyone at Light Grey! 

After this weekend my focus will be packing. My husband and I are so excited for a new phase in life. Blah! That makes us sound so old! Although we are excited!!

Even though I didn't sell my book, illustrate a book or sign an agent, it was still the best summer.  I met countless new friends, learned so much about writing and art and children's books. I connected with old friends I haven't seen in a long time and was able to spend time with family. My husband and bought the old house we always wanted. Both of my girls are happy, successful and just plain amazing! I am a better writer, better artist and hopefully a better person. 

So thanks, Super Spectacular Summer of 2013! I can't wait to see what fall will bring. 


Gina Perry said...

haha. Great post. It really does sound like an amazing summer. Good luck with the move and making that dummy amazing. :)

Colleen Muske said...

Thanks Gina!