Friday, July 23, 2010

Web site goes live!

I can't believe's finally live! Eight weeks of work, designing, redesigning and then more redesigning (repeat 36 times) , it is up and out there for everyone to see. Of course there are still things to fix, things I already want to change and just some things I've looked at too many times and just can't stand anymore!

Thanks to Carrie Hartman who teaches an awesome class, Linda, Mary, Jacquie, Martha and Peg, all who gave great critiques, advice and sometimes just listened to me whine about the increasingly complicated relationship I now have with Go Daddy...ugh! Also my husband Dick who has eaten more than his fair share of frozen pizza and has been my best supporter. I often ask for his advice and then immediately disregard it...but every time I ask he comes into my studio and gives his opinion again.

My girls will be happy to know that they will have a break from my middle of the night text messages with my latest idea or image just waiting for a critique. They have also learned that the response of "fine" will only result in additional text messages.

My dog Mikko never did learn HTML but his antics made me laugh just when I needed it and he is the only one who will go outside with me for fresh air at 2:00 am.

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Nina Crittenden said...

Colleen! Your website looks fantastic! A great place to show off your talents! I love those tennis playing pigs!!! Great blog, too! Way to go!!!