Friday, September 7, 2012

The Scorpio, The Bitch and The Wardrobe

Exit Freer Gallery: is about 95 degrees and 99% humidity! Now I understand why it was so cold inside! A little heat and humidity, we can handle it. We decide to head over to the Smithsonian Castle, and it was very interesting, showing a little bit from all of the museums and a black and white photography exhibit of the Civil War. Next we head to the American History Museum. If you have never been there before, the Smithsonian grounds and the National Mall are HUGE!

We walked four football fields away to the Museum, happy to be back in the air conditioning. There was so much cool stuff to see! It was the last day the Julia Childs kitchen was on display, so excited I got to see it!!! Most things closed at 5:30....bummer. So we decided to eat lunch at the museum and revise our plans. My feet were starting to get a little sore, so I was ready to take a break.

Revised plans, next the National Archives, then Lincoln Memorial. By now, my bag is getting a little heavy, my feet a little sore and anytime we have to go outside we are hot and sweaty!

From the National Archives, the Lincoln Memorial is a very, very, very long way. We are at the WWII Memorial and I drag my sweaty self over to a bench. By now my feet are pretty sore so I slip my shoes off for a few minutes. My feet are black. BLACK! I now know why the $150 Coach shoes were $30 on sale. I also notice a blister forming on my heel. We see the Lincoln, Vietnam and Korean Memorials.

From the Korean Memorial we are going to head back to the Metro....I let out a little whimper as we look at the map and see how far it is. My blister has ripped open, my bag now weighs about 80lbs and Dick (Scorpio) is not quite as entertaining as he was a few hours ago.

"Which station do you want to go to?" he asks.

"The closest one" I say.

"You pick" he says.

"Just pick a freaking station and If I have to walk one extra step, I will lose it!" The bitch states :)

I stumble and Dick walks, to the station. Ahead of us is a guy about 70 yrs old, limping along and his wife telling him to suck it up or they are going to miss the train. We all head down the escalator and watch the train pull away. Fifteen minutes of standing and waiting for the next one. The old guy lets out a whimper as his wife gives him a tongue lashing. I wanted to give him a hug.

I look over at Dick who is patiently waiting for the next train, carrying my 100lb bag, stopped and got me a bottle of cold water AND saved me a seat on the only available bench around. Lucky to have such a great guy! He calls over to me..."Hey Blackfoot Sweatsalot, I saved you a seat!" What a guy!!

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