Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dick and Colleen's Great American Adventure

It has been 20 years since my husband and I have been alone on vacation together. So this year, to wrap up a summer of hard work and long hours, we are taking a road trip. We settled on Washington D.C. as our destination.

To keep the peace, we established a few road trip rules:

1. If one of us wants to stop, we stop.
2. Driver controls the radio
3. Avoid interstates
4. Colleen controls the temperature
5. We cannot book a hotel before noon of that day.
6. No chain restaurants
7. No calorie counting
8. Reading road signs out loud encouraged
9. Colleen gets to pick the hotel
10. Turning around for something cool is allowed!

The Jeep is packed....we are off!


Mary Ellen Cook said...

Sounds like fun - I love your rules!

Mary Ellen Cook said...
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Christina Rodriguez said...

Cool! The DC Metro area is my old stompin grounds! If you can, check out Ford's Theatre and Lincoln Center for Leadership (my husband worked on the exhibit designs), and eat at Bistro Doc nearby:

Colleen Muske said...

We could spend 2 weeks here, there is so much to see!! Thanks for the tips :)